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In the fast-paced world of technology, remaining updated and sharing your experiences is crucial. Visitor posting on innovation blogs is an amazing way to exhibit your mastery and reach a broader group of onlookers. In this article, we’ll reveal a comprehensive list of 250+ Technology blogs that energetically accept guest posts. Whether you are a seasoned tech author or a newbie looking to set up your nearness, this list will be your go-to asset.

The Benefits of Guest Posting in the Tech Niche

Before we dive into the extensive list, let’s explore why guest posting in the technology niche is a smart move.

1. Building Your Authority

Contributing to reputable tech blogs boosts your credibility and positions you as an expert in your field.

2. Expanding Your Network

Guest posting allows you to connect with influential figures and like-minded professionals in the tech industry.

3. Driving Traffic

Your guest posts will attract readers to your own blog or website, increasing your online visibility.

4. Enhancing SEO

Quality backlinks from authoritative tech blogs improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Finding the Right Tech Blogs

Now that we understand the advantages, let’s move on to the main course: the list of tech blogs that welcome guest contributions. We’ve categorized them for your convenience.

Technology News and Trends

TechCrunch: A pioneer in tech journalism, TechCrunch is a fantastic platform to share your insights into the latest trends and innovations.

Mashable: Covering tech, culture, and entertainment, Mashable welcomes guest posts from tech enthusiasts.

The Verge: With a focus on consumer technology, The Verge is a great place to discuss gadgets, apps, and tech culture.

Software Development and Coding

Stack Overflow Blog: Share your programming intelligence and tips about Stack Overflow’s web journal.

Smashing Magazine: Type in around web advancement, plan, and UX/UI on Smashing Magazine.

GitHub Blog: If you’re into open-source software, GitHub’s blog may be a culminate fit.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI Trends: Explore the world of AI and ML on AI Trends, where your expertise is highly valued.

Towards Data Science: Discuss data science, AI, and ML topics on Towards Data Science.

Machine Learning Mastery: Share your machine learning insights with fellow enthusiasts here.

Cyber security

Cybercop: Cyber security experts can contribute their knowledge to Cyber Scoop.

Dark Reading: Write about security vulnerabilities, threats, and solutions on Dark Reading.

CSO Online: CSO Online welcomes guest posts on various cybersecurity topics.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT for All: Contribute articles related to IoT and its applications on IoT for All.

IoT Worm: Share your insights into the world of IoT security and innovation.

IoT Agenda: Explore IoT trends and advancements on IoT Agenda.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

Each of these blogs has its submission guidelines, which you should carefully follow. Typically, they will require you to send a pitch or the full article via email or their submission portal. Make sure to tailor your content to their specific audience and adhere to their editorial guidelines.


Guest posting on technology blogs is a strategic move for anyone looking to establish themselves as a tech authority. The 250+ blogs listed here offer plenty of opportunities to share your information and experiences with a wide readership. Do not miss out on this chance to develop your online nearness and interface with individual tech devotees.

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