Deseret News Sports: Your Go-To Source for Local Sports Coverage

Deseret News Sports: Your Go-To Source for Local Sports Coverage

Deseret News Sports has been a cornerstone in the Utah community, providing comprehensive coverage of local sports events for decades. Whether you’re a fan of high school football or the Utah Jazz, Deseret News Sports keeps you informed with timely updates and in-depth analysis.

History of Deseret News

Founding and Early Years

Founded in 1850, the Deseret News has a rich history of serving the people of Utah with reliable news coverage. Initially focusing on general news, the paper gradually expanded its reach to include sports, recognizing the community’s growing interest in local athletic events.

Evolution of Sports Coverage

Over the years, Deseret News has evolved its sports section to meet the changing demands of its readership. From covering basic game results to providing in-depth analysis and multimedia content, the sports section has become a vital part of the publication.

The Role of Deseret News in Local Sports

Coverage of High School Sports

High school sports are a major focus for Deseret News. The publication provides detailed coverage of high school football, basketball, and other sports, highlighting the achievements of young athletes and fostering a sense of pride and community.

Focus on Local College Teams

Deseret News Sports also dedicates significant resources to covering local college teams, including the University of Utah and Brigham Young University. Fans can find game previews, player profiles, and post-game analysis, making it a go-to source for college sports enthusiasts.

In-Depth Analysis of Utah Jazz

As the state’s only NBA team, the Utah Jazz receives extensive coverage from Deseret News Sports. From Game recaps to player interviews and trade rumors, Jazz fans rely on Deseret News for all their team-related news.

Popular Sports Covered by Deseret News


High School Football

High school football is hugely popular in Utah, and Deseret News provides comprehensive coverage of games, player stats, and season highlights. The publication’s high school sports dedication helps unite local communities and celebrates young talent.

College Football

College football is another major focus, with detailed coverage of the University of Utah Utes and the BYU Cougars. Deseret News offers game previews, live updates, and post-game analyses, ensuring fans never miss a moment of the action.


High School Basketball

High school basketball coverage is equally robust, with Deseret News highlighting key games, standout players, and major tournaments throughout the season. This coverage helps to showcase the skills and dedication of young Athletes in the community.

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz is a centerpiece of Deseret News Sports. Fans can expect thorough coverage, including game previews, live score updates, player statistics, and expert commentary. This in-depth coverage keeps fans engaged and informed about their favorite team.

Other Sports

In addition to football and basketball, Deseret News covers a variety of other sports, including soccer, baseball, and track and field. This diverse coverage ensures that all sports fans in Utah have access to the latest news and updates.

Key Features of Deseret News Sports

Live Updates and Scores

One of the standout features of Deseret News Sports is its live updates and scores. Whether you’re at the game or on the go, you can keep track of your favorite teams in real time, ensuring you never miss a crucial moment.

In-Depth Articles and Analysis

Deseret News offers more than just scores; it provides in-depth articles and analysis on games, teams, and players. These detailed pieces offer insights into strategies, performance, and prospects, enriching the reader’s understanding of the sports landscape.

Multimedia Content

The multimedia content, including videos and podcasts, enhances the reader’s experience. These features offer visual and auditory insights, making the sports coverage more engaging and comprehensive.

User Engagement

Deseret News Sports fosters user engagement through comments, forums, and social media interactions. This allows fans to share their opinions, discuss games, and connect with fellow sports enthusiasts, building a vibrant community around local sports.

Notable Journalists and Contributors

Profiles of Key Sports Journalists

Deseret News Sports boasts a team of talented journalists who bring their expertise and passion to the publication. Profiles of key journalists highlight their contributions and the unique perspectives they bring to sports coverage.

Contributions to Sports Journalism

These journalists have made for significant contributions to sports journalism, offering insightful analysis, breaking news, and engaging stories that resonate with readers. Their work helps maintain the high standards of Deseret News Sports.

Impact on the Community

Promoting Local Athletes

By shining a spotlight on local athletes, Deseret News Sports helps promote their achievements and talents. This recognition can open doors for young athletes, providing them with opportunities to advance in their sports careers.

Building Community Spirit Through Sports

Sports have a unique Game to bring people to play together, and Deseret News Sports plays a crucial role in building community spirit. Whether through high school rivalries or support for the Utah Jazz, the publication helps foster a sense of unity and pride among residents.


Deseret News Sports is invaluable to the Utah community, offering comprehensive coverage of local sports. From high school football to the Utah Jazz, it provides fans with the news, analysis, and engagement they crave. As it navigates the challenges of the digital age, Deseret News Sports remains committed to delivering high-quality journalism that informs, entertains, and connects the community.

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